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LED lighting is ever changing and leave many people with a variety of questions. We have designed our interactive LED displays to allow you to compare LED against other products, including incandescent and halogen sources. LED lighting uses approximately 80% less wattage than incandescent bulbs, has a long life lasting on average up to 50,000 hours, and is cool to the touch because it uses low heat. See the difference in the color of LED bulbs and when you should choose a warmer or cooler color temperature. Understand the replacement wattage equivalence to make sure you’re replacing your existing bulb or fixture with one that is comparable in light output. We make it simple for you to understand how LED can work for you and save in energy costs.

We continually educate ourselves on new LED products keeping up-to-date with it’s technology. Because of the vast LED products available, we carefully test each product for it’s quality before we approve it and offer it to you. When you come to Newton Electrical Supply for any LED product, whether it be a bulb, recessed, under cabinet, tape, decorative, landscape, and more, you will have a greater knowledge of LED and it’s products. We will find the right LED product that works best for you and your environment.

Take advantage of our LED Upgrade Program.

We developed this program because we understand that choosing the right LED bulbs for your home or business can be challenging. We will come to your home or business to review your current lighting and determine the best LED bulb for each room.

This service FREE to our local area. Schedule an LED SAVINGS appointment today by calling (617) 527-2040.